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1.0/2.3 ,4.1/9.5,4.3/10,BNC,FME,F type,MCX, MINI-BNC,MMCX,N type,QMA,QN,SMA,SMB,SMC,SMP,TNC … All available at PrecisionRf  . China Direct Manufacture, One-stop Purchasing You best Supplier of Rf Coaxial Connectors

  • Stainless Steel, Brass or Zinc Alloy Material for your choice.  More than 3 types Body plating with more than 3 type center pin plating.  PEI or Insulator also can be selected.
  • Flange,Bulkhead ,Edge Mount,For cable, For PCB, Flat Tab …. Finally you will get the right connectors you want at PrecisionRf!
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Variety of Cable Assembly, Variety cables and Connectors  for your Choice.

  • 3G to 40G cables with VSWR MAX=1.5.  Custom cable assembly is welcomed!!
  • Each Test Report will be shipped together with the cables you ordered!
  • Wided used at Telecom, Medical, Wireless Connection  ,Military and Commercial industries.
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rf cable assembly

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  • Attenuators.Featured is SMA and N type.   26.5G SMA Terminations.  Power Divider and Insulators.
  • Wireless Antenna/ Grid/ Mimo/Wifi Parts. All Parts you can find at PrecisionRf!
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  • High Frequency 40g Cable, Low-loss cables .Telecom Cables,1/2 Feeder cable and 7/8 feeder cables. Communication Cables RG58,Rg59.
  • Custom cable, Print your Logo and your words In every meter.  Custom Package. Roll or Carton.
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